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Startup support and founding a company

Every entrepreneur is characterised by their own personality. This is reflected in their wishes and ideas, and ultimately in their company.

However, startups, new companies or founders of new businesses have to deal with many legal and administrative challenges at the beginning of their entrepreneurial activities before they can start leaving their mark on their company.

BMS is your competent partner for startup support and founding a company in Stuttgart. Our employees possess outstanding expertise and will adapt flexibly to your wishes. You will receive support in exactly those areas where you need help.

Range of startup support services

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Preparing a business plan or concept for a successful startup.

Advice on possibilities for financing, if necessary referral to financing experts.

Preparation before founding the company (official paperwork, notary etc.).

Our marketing professionals optimise the marketing for your startup.

Our extensive secretarial service gives you support and assistance with administrative tasks.

Our communications experts provide you with important contacts in your industry, but they also take over the telephone acquisition of new customers if necessary.

Our many years of experience in providing advice to startups also makes us a competent partner for you, reliably accompanying you from your first steps through to being a successfully established company.

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