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Mailing Service

Sending post to clients, as well as invoices, price lists, invitations, brochures, announcements, press releases or packages is an everyday tasks for companies.  Direct mail campaigns in particular contribute significantly to successful customer acquisition.

Hiring an external service provider to handle this customer acquisition method saves both time and money. BMS offers the convenience of a full-service marketing agency while placing great emphasis on personal support.

Your direct mail service in Stuttgart

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BMS focuses on quality.

We therefore ask you to arrange a consultation first so that we can respond to your concerns and wishes in the best possible way. After gaining an overview of your business, we will create your direct mail campaigns. Upon request, our employees will actively contribute with creative ideas for direct mail campaigns. Your mail campaigns are professionally designed, printed, enveloped, addressed, sorted and sent to reach your customers on time.

BMS is flexible

You don’t want to make use of the complete package? BMS can also support you with individual steps of direct marketing. The mailing service can also be combined perfectly with the telephone service. As a first step, we take care of your mail campaigns. As a second step, we contact the addressees by telephone to answer their questions professionally and competently. 

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