Dictation Service

As an entrepreneur, do you have a tight schedule? Are you pressed for time due to staff shortages?

BMS is your reliable partner in all matters relating to preparing your analogue or digital dictations. Our employees create professional transcriptions of your recordings. Be it letters and general correspondence or specialist publications, seminar papers or reports.

What does the dictation service do?

The procedure is simple and efficient:

– You send us an audio file to dictate.

– Powerful software converts this into a Word file.

– Our employees revise this and format the document.

– You then receive your text in digital form.

Since we combine the advantages of a software-based processing and the highly trained eyes of our employees, you benefit twice: 

Firstly, capturing the basis of the text is fast thanks to the software. Secondly, our employees can focus on making changes and corrections in the revision stage and are not distracted by typing. All our employees have a profound knowledge of punctuation and spelling. We gather the technical terminology and use it correctly in your reports. 

Who is it suitable for?

The dictation service provides support for representatives of all professional groups who work with texts and numerous documents, as and when required. The spectrum ranges from doctors and lawyers to large companies with many sales representatives whose customer reports are usually only available as a recording due to time constraints. But students and teachers from all kinds of institutions also use the transcription service. What they all have in common is that they often do not have the time to type up dictations in addition to their daily tasks. 

For lawyers and law firms, we can take care of daily correspondence. We write up documents such as specialist publications, patent applications, claim applications, seminar documents, estate inventory etc., all with the greatest care.

For doctors, homeopaths, internists, psychiatrists and psychologists, we write up general correspondence, attestations, medical reports, findings, assessments or specialist publications, etc.

Advantages for you

A dictation service offers you and your employees many advantages. You can use internal resources more efficiently. By outsourcing typing, employees can be assigned to more important matters. You can also use it to fill in for personnel shortages caused by holidays or sick leave. This means important work does not come to a standstill.

You benefit from our employees’ years of experience and receive professionally-formatted and error-free texts.